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Protect not only yourself but others too

As macabre as it may sound, the COVID-19 virus has the power to bring us closer together. Relatives, friends, passers-by become united – brothers of destiny. So far – in growing anxiety, but probably soon – in the fight. With symptoms, losses, and emptiness.

Emptiness in your wallet is nothing compared to the emptiness felt by Italians without being able to say goodbye to the outgoing. Will we become brothers of their destiny?

Doctors alone no longer able to stop the spread. But I still have hope that we will do it together. Still. Everything develops at an unspeakable speed, and we are not used to that speed.

But as long as there is hope to stop the virus from spreading, we should not let to split each other into They (healers), Those (sick) and We (healthy). We are all Those. Today – those who can make a difference, tomorrow or in a week we may be powerless who are waiting for help.

We can do ALL to prevent the virus from spreading! This is very important!

Think twice about whether you really need to go out of the home. When you go to the store, pharmacy, other public places, wear a mask – medical, cloth, scarf – anything that will cover your face. Don’t just look out for yourself, protect others. Because even feeling great can be a virus carrier.

Don’t let your kids play with friends. Don’t play in the playgrounds. Be an example of responsibility to your child!

Take care of the elders, don’t let them leave home when they don’t need to.

Very important – discipline a friend, a passerby, a neighbor who does not follow the quarantine rules!

We are all physically and economically connected now. And only together can we make it quicker!

I will do all I can for you, and you will do everything for me. So, once again, please on behalf of everyone – protect others, wear a mask, be responsible!

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