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Witch Queen PVC – WIP

Since my chibi figurine was so popular, I’ve decided to do another PVC statuette…

So here it is, the statuette of the queen of witches, and apparently the queen of hookers as well. Or perhaps she’s just a regular girl dressed in the queen of sexy witch costumes at the best Halloween party ever?

#1 raw render

I just added some extra zones but that's about it

11 points
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#2 spear closeup

I could probably fix this up real nice but I ended up going a different way

10 points

#3 test type

note that this version of the hat has the metal crown, but a suede lining as opposed to the gilded fabric lining of the preview hat. Saving that for the next installment...

10 points

What do you think?

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  1. Sorry about the delay in adding my humble comment. She looks definitely like a witch-queen-prostitute. A combination of all three, Regal but inviting every male, sultry but with underlying powerful spellbinding powers. That staff though to me seems way too heavy for her to handle but that is just little old me. I must say also that the regal blue fits her to a tee. Great composition, posture, imaginative hat conception etc. Again a fantastic Alex Ledante creation.

  2. A witch with a spear? A witch always have a broom or a cauldron or a wand like Hermione’s. She looks “dollish”. I do not know if that is some new style that has technical specifications but I love the usual signature of Alex The Ledante that is life-like. That is just me, I guess. Neither a witch nor a queen, too ?

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