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Chibi figurine – WIP

These cute little figures are very popular in Japan. Some girls collect them because they’re kawaii. Some otaku have them for lighting reference, but most otaku collect them because that’s what otaku do- they collect things and then obsess over them…

#1 original

Just testing the model, not worried about texture yet so much as geometry and UV tears. In this case, I could see the skirt would be a problem...

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#2 deluxe edition

Often the manufacturers will release a limited edition run with strange colors. They can become quite the collector's items

#3 Ghost Hunter Mika

If you've ever seen one of those figures, you might agree that I pretty much nailed the texture...


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    • The look that came to be known as Anime was introduced to Japan by way of the American forces. Look at Disney animation and you can see this. But the Japanese already had their own look and feel, which descended from the woodblock prints; those two styles created a fresh new style… Anime!

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