November's Sketchapalooza

Spoiler alert: it is mostly Japanese schoolgirls, but I threw in a few more Japanese things as well. Okay, I just raided my otaku folder for sketches because I really didn’t have anything for this month’s #sketchapalooza

#1 light value study

I love it when I can do lost edges, or even found edges

5 points

#2 patriotic sketch

If you were Japanese, this would make your heart swell with national pride

5 points

#3 rough value study

sometimes it is fun to work loose

5 points
  1. I’m not sure if I’d want work further on this piece. To me is seems complete in its raw form. Sometimes you ought to let the audience’s imagination fill in their own blanks.

#4 sukeban sketch

nice use of negative space, if I do say so myself...

5 points
  1. Yeah JayZ I may have to agree with you. The textured tones in the background could appear to be trees, possibly a few faces here and there. Otherwise my Jazzy brain makes me see people mingling and dancing.

#5 yokai ninja

a possessed ninja; like she needed to become more dangerous...

5 points

#6 molly study

this has a nice economy of line

4 points

#7 seifuku sketch

the shared shadow shape between her and the locker is my favorite part

4 points

What do you think?

6 points


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