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The Stuff Nobody Has Seen – Yet

Untitled 7/13/2019    –    digital painting/collage  –  © 2019 – Howard Faxon

I realized today that when I started doing the abstract films everything got pushed aside. The films took over for months. The stuff I pushed aside was all the images I was working on at the time. A lot of it is pretty close to being finished. Maybe it is finished. I was digging through these and found some interesting new things.

This image is more abstract than surreal. It’s more of a color study than anything. Some of the familiar elements of my collages are there; but, they represent colors more than they represent things. The title is today’s date because I just dug it out – no one has seen this before. Well, I saw it … Thanks so much for stopping in.


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    • I used only Pixelmator on this. I really just cut and paste things. (I paint some) The complexity is just building something and then cutting and reducing the size and pasting.
      Like scissors and glue. There is time involved but I’m not doing anything complicated.
      Thanks so much.

          • Yeah probably. I”ll look at a monochrome.
            There isn’t hardly anything there that didn’t start as a photograph though. When I say ‘paint’ I usually mean ‘smear photo’. I like this idea of strong color of similar values. You can’t suss it out the same. It’s not so obvious and maybe it shifts a little. I love noir style B&W and expressionistic stuff. I am an abstract artist – abstraction was my life; and, here I’m working with pictures and scissors. Step 1 – drag in photo Step 2 – smoosh photo …


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