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Showcasing my second (or rather first) passion

Source of the picture above and all the pictures below is from my own phone.

Good morning or afternoon or evening to everybody. Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe distances. With COVID-19 around the globe, some are having difficulty living out their daily mundane lives. As for me, I have no problems as I am always keeping busy. But watching TV is getting more and more difficult because of that cataract in my left eye. So I am once again and actually always resorting to my crafts to enjoy myself and keep these big fat fingers of mine moving instead of smoking. So here goes a presentation of my latest endeavors.

First off below is a picture of a cross stitch kit that I started about four months.

This kit is on an 18 count aida cloth so the pattern is tighter as the holes and the cross stitch themselves are smaller. Below is a picture of the one quarter of that same kit that I finished so far.

And again below is a close up of the upper left fragment of that same cross stitch.

I wanted to present to you one of the 8 sheets that are included with the kit to show you what they look like. Each sheet has thousand of squares on them with different symbols within the squares. Those symbols refer you to which color floss to put in each hole of the aida cloth. Unfortunately every time I tried to upload that picture there was a pop up stating oops there was an error, try again. And try as many time as I wanted, I just could not upload that particular picture.

Now for the next picture. I started about one year another cross stitch of a young woman holding flowers. I am about half done with that one. Again this kit is an 18 count aida cloth so it takes a long time to do…

Now all these cross stitch projects are done while sitting down on my glider rocking chair. As the years have gone by, the cushions of that chair have become dingy and the color is fading quickly. I am unable to take off the covering of these cushions to wash them and replacement cushions are expensive. Below is a picture of my rocking chair.

And now is one cushion covered up with my creation which I can remove and wash up whenever it is needed.

Below is the finished product…

Well that is it that is all folks. Hope you enjoyed it and that you are all and everyone of you keeping busy and keeping safe distances. See you soon enough I hope…


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  1. I also embroidered many tapestries. I always buy DMC threads because they are of the highest quality. The biggest size I embroidered was “Girl on the Rock”, 71 cm wide and 55 cm high. But I no longer embroider. Thanks to this job I saved myself from a lot of stress. Congratulations on the wonderful things you do.

    • I have been knitting and crocheting since about 8 or 10 years old and I cannot let it go. Cross stitch and needlepoint started about 30 or 40 years ago. Now I also do some tatting and eventually needle lace and quilting. You should if you can showcase your embroidery and needlepoint feats. I would love to see them. Thanks for your visit, your beautiful comment and up vote.

    • Wow a new word for me. I have to write it down… it is too bad about your eyes and I sympathize as I am in the same boat as you with my cataract and possibly another one in my right eye. At least you have replaced your globenuri with photography and lens… Thanks for visiting and your enthusiastic comment and for up voting…

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