alternate color scheme (3/5)

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Submitted to "Random WIPs"

An alternate version of the Hyborian Age, which was ultimately rejected in favor of the version you can see in the link. This one is still good, but not nearly as good as the way I decided to go…


  1. When you have to trap the animal yourself, skin it and cure the hide before you wear it, clothing is quite expensive when viewed as an opportunity cost. If her clothes fall off in battle, it might distract her opponent enough to give her an edge

    Her hair isn’t tied up, it is flowing in the wind…

  2. This one and her sword is better than number 2. I am just wondering if fabric is so expensive from where she comes from. A flick of sharp sword in either of her clothing would make it difficult for her to fight and hair tied up that way will get in the way too lol