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Perhaps now is a bad time to make a triumphant return to Virily?

My recent posts haven’t been getting much in the way of views or replies, and I’m hearing that some of the metrics are broken again, so perhaps I will just take some more time out until things get fixed


What do you think?

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  1. It feels like they have fixed a couple of the issues. The one that appears to be the bad one right now is credit for guest views. In the old days, you got double credit for the first 200 guess views (1 viril for the guest coming to Virily and then one viril for the view). At this point, you only get credit for the view. But the site is more stable now than before.

      • Based on what the admins said, it is both. It causes system performance problems to double track a user (shocking on that call). Overall the system is much more stable without the double counting. I lose about 100 virils a day, but happily will trade that for stability!

          • I agree with that, but I suspect they would argue that they need validation otherwise it would be fairly simple to write a script, put it on a computer that doesn’t have an Associated Virily account, and well drive some seriously fake numbers.

            I think they are doing some level of validation which is why they are having the performance hit.

          • I suspect prior to the cheating issue that happened on the site almost a year ago, they can’t do the trust thing. I suspect the verification process was added after all the people leaped to the top ten list (100,000 virils produced in less than a month, some of them with less than 5 posts.

            My dad used to always say “there are rules when you start. Then there are rules that start when people start cheating.”

  2. I think we just need to keep contributing here in the belief that they are working hard to fix the situation. I also did not get a visit on a number of posts but because of our active visit to friends’ posts, the posts that were empty of visitors were also visited in the end. Indeed, there have been some less comfortable things here a few days ago but some have been cleared.

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