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a thinly veiled threat – WIP

just playing with veils again. the day of the dead is just around the corner and to be honest I should be way more prepared for it than I actually am, but there are a few things that will serve…

#1 white veil

for some reason, the white lace hides her face

4 points

#2 black veil

this one shows more of her face

4 points

#3 bald

not to repeat myself, but the first render usually doesn't have any hair because this is just a test render. the hair comes last...

3 points

#4 hair test

obviously this is way too much hair to drop a veil upon

3 points

#5 soiled veil

this one should've been super cool but ended up looking like a fish net

3 points

What do you think?

12 points


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