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Living on the Ledge

Hacking and social engineering can only get you so far- the most important files aren’t accessable via the net. You need to physically get your hands on them, or hire someone to do it for you. Someone like a high tech parkour cat burglar (cyberpunkour?)

She originally had these impact resistant shields for her forearms, but they were too distracting so I got rid of them. So if she breaks her arm, it’s mea culpa…

#1 release version

My initial idea was to go with a high-tech skyscraper bokeh style approach, then ultimately decided to go low-tech urban. One of these days I will do the whole bright lights/big city background but not soon enough for me...

Speaking of low-tech, what do you think of my use of perimeter line to pop her into the foreground?

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  1. She, her look and background look great but the use of perimeter line seems to separate the subject somewhat with the background. That’s what I feel…

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#2 lineart

Just some sassy lineart, must've been in a really outliney mood that night. I really like this look and I know some of you do as well...

For those of you who prefer a more traditional rough sketch, please be patient; there is more to come

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What do you think?

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