Love ItLove It



the second religion

through books

in any form

written in the language

black and white

ink and paper

from reading teachers

or sung by the wind

whispered by bamboo

shouted by lightning

through a silent stone

even friendly tsunami

baby laughter

or anyone else

is intake

to chew


mental or spiritual stomach

to become knowledge

or wisdom

a door of enlightenment

or just a new prison


in a narrow old prison.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Plane In Vibration of ColorsLearning.


What do you think?

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  1. Learning is life, intellectual death can be described as ceasing to learn. If we wake, we learn. How enlightening, paramount and, as ever put so succinctly with such elegance. Bravo! and grins.

    • Yes brother, I think everyone knows that learning is a lifetime, life is learning, even to steal, rob and kill politically or through faith we must learn, to hate and even take revenge we are taught, unfortunately many people do not know that learning can also be misleading and killing personality.

      • Unfortunately, a great many people do not know of a great many things. Spread the enlightenment, bravely soar with your truthful message. Careful near the trees of delusion.

          • I find that difficult to digest, your message is light, love, and wisdom, put elegantly. Your visual artistry is choreographed in perfect sync with your words and delightful on it’s own. What am I missing, wise word wielder?

          • We all are nothing. Just what is to fear of “spreading enlightenment”? Perhaps you prefer to spread the alternative and more popularly digestible oats that have been through the horse or bull once? Methinks NOT!
            I do know the insecurity of which you speak but, it is not a fearful thing. I think of it as a standard or metric which I use to measure my own relevance and achieve a bit higher degree of …incongruity, my case, yours, I would say, creativity.

  2. I think learning is many things. You learn from your parents hopefully certain manners, when you go to school you hopefully learn from your teachers and hopefully carry what you learned into life. You can also learn things from books as well.

    • Yeah, as I write, learning is the second religion, for a lifetime, learning from any source, anywhere, anytime, anytime. Unfortunately, being wrong in learning can also put us in the wrong situation. Thanks for the comment, Hannibar

  3. The image is incredible! And your words perfectly describe a lifetime of learning. Each day, hopefully we all learn in our own way as we go through this thing called life. Enjoyed as always.