Spirituality and mental health

It has been shown that spirituality has a positive effect on mental health, as evidenced by more than 2,500 scientific publications in the last few years. According to scientific research, spirituality has been associated with a lower risk of suicide, depression, and addiction. It has a positive effect on recovery but also in the prevention of, for example, depressive symptoms. Apart from mental health, spirituality also has a positive effect on the body, in terms of regulating blood pressure and pulse.

People who have a strong faith show a higher level of satisfaction with their lives, a higher degree of personal happiness. They also show a higher level of social support, a lower level of depressive symptoms and some physical illnesses. Personal spirituality can significantly affect the quality of life of an individual because spirituality results from potential factors contributing to positive psychological states such as inner peace, faith, hope, mystical experience, and positive religious confrontation with life’s problems.

People who nurture spirituality and who are deeply religious enjoy much more in life regardless of the presence or absence of physical symptoms of pain or fatigue. The main role of spirituality is to help people effectively cope with inevitable life problems. Elderly people who practice their spirituality and faith have a lower rate of depression, chronic anxiety, and dementia. Active religious people live longer than those who are not religious. Therefore, practicing religion has an important role in nurturing health. Prayer as a form of religious practice has a positive effect on health in reducing stress, improving the immune and cardiovascular system.

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  1. I find that the search for truth brings me stress, and angst. I have searched through many different religions over a 40 year period, without finding what I am looking for.

    I have no faith, but would like to have it. I am not spiritual but would like to be spiritual.

    The inner fighting inside me between the hope of religious belief being true, and the fear of it really being all garbage, creates inner turmoil, depression, and anger too.

    Perhaps it’s all illusion. Perhaps we are just who we are. Nothing can affect our mental health, but ourselves.

  2. It is so true. I used to suffer from a lot of mental health problems, such as severe clinical depression and anxiety, for about 30 years or more, but then I started meditating every day, and now I don’t suffer from any of that. I believe in a higher power and that is what helps get me through life.

  3. I agree with you. I believe this is a true point. There are some in some religions who still live in fear and superstition. They are the ones that are more concerned about image and money than their faith. But with the God of love, and love can help and give hope to millions.


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