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Susie is a naughty girl who likes nosy. If Popeye was nearby, she would have pounced and slammed him. Unfortunately, Popeye seems did not like kittens. He always roars when Susie tries to approach him, or uses his kung fu moves to dodge, parry, or to slam Susie too.

However although Popeye was fierce and angry with her, Susie was never afraid, let alone to a deterrent. As long as Popeye was inside her territory, she would follow him. If Popeye gave up and chose to sleep, Susie would not hesitate to sleep and hugging him.

#1 One Morning.

Hey, Senior, what are you doing there? 

Are you eyeing for something? 

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#2 As Usual

Ameoww... you again, why are you always following me?

I'm learning to contemplate. Now, get away, stay away from me, and don’t bother me again.

#3 Plain Girl

You, why are you always arrogant, I'm just curious. I just want to learn something too.

    • We always have perceptions toward others, accordingly or not, and will usually be kept as the trademark of the person forever for us.

#4 She Wondered


Cat like us, can we go up to the higher plane of consciousness?

#5 She Was Curious

Hmmm... Cats like us, can we go up to the higher plane of conscious?

#6 Senior Excuse


What do you know about contemplation, silence, and peace?

I ignore you because I have to ignore any thoughts and noises around me to accept and understand love.

#7 Plain Questions

Love? How can you talk about love if you even can't love your neighbor?

How can you rise to a higher level if you don't even understand love? Why don't we enjoy love by playing in full of joy without thinking of anything?

#8 The Logical Answer

I can go up to the higher wall to reach the higher level. At an altitude where no one is fussy like you!



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