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Jeff Dee tribute – WIP

Most of you probably aren’t familiar with the work of Jeff Dee, but I and most of my friends grew up with his art in the Dungeons & Dragons books. I still like his poses, which have a very unique feeling to them. I used to draw stiff and unlifelike poses and struggled to make my art look more like something that Jeff Dee or Bill Willingham would draw

I studied everything from dynamic anatomy to contrapposto in an effort to make my figures look more naturalistic. If you know what an action line is, then you’ll know that those guys were adepts. Truly, I’ve stood upon the shoulders of giants. At any rate, here is my tribute to Jeff Dee…

#1 work in progress

So when I was working to pose her, she started to look like something Jeff Dee would do and I started thinking WWJDD? Aside from the pose, the only things I like about this piece are the leg wraps and the magic effect

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#3 cover image

still like that spell effect though, it is pretty sweet...


What do you think?

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  1. The magic effect is awesome because you made it look like the light reflected to her face as well and that made it “alive” — and yes, the leg wraps are fantastic. She is on her way to party just taking a reroute to fight some evil monsters lol


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