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Finches In Paradise – Digital Collage Celebrates Nature

Finches In Paradise    –    digital collage  –  © 2017 – Howard Faxon

This is just a straight collage of pieces from my photography archives (photos taken by me). A House Finch sitting in my peach tree is the prominent element. It appears twice. One is wrong-way-reading and reduced in size. Do they say “wrong-way-reading” anymore? When I worked doing graphic arts for a small printer chemical photography  was used to make the printing plates. If the negative’s emulsion layer was on the wrong side you got a mirror image instead of what you wanted. And, that was “wrong-way-reading”. They sure hated it if you wasted film that way; but, let’s get back to collage with computer …

May I say that the computer is the best, the most fantastic glue and scissors in the universe. The scissors part is actually using the “eraser”. It is a magic eraser that can cut a crisp or a fuzzy line. And your glue is unbelievably satisfying to use. It always sticks, never sets, … you can reposition it at will and shrink or enlarge it at the same time. This is pretty convenient  for a sketchpad. I would encourage everyone to play around like this every once in a while. It’s big fat fun!


This is a digital collage combining elements from my personal photographs (taken by me).


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    • Thanks Carol. With your garden you could make some amazing flower and plant medleys. I used to make paper collages so I drifted by nature to do this.
      These plants all came from a small sidewalk garden on Balboa St. in SF’s Richmond district. Nave a great day!

    • I often use an element twice like this – one big one smaller. These collages can look pretty flat and I find this helps combat the flatness. That finch was sitting in the top of a peach tree so I was shooting up at it.

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