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Remembering our Ancestors

Before I wish you a happy Day of the Dead, let me say that I am back now and have been paid for last month. This is a very busy time of year for me and I really enjoyed the vacation. But it’s over now so…

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

#1 alternate background

this is pretty trippy, but far too powerful for a background if I plan to have a female figure in front of it (and I most certainly do)

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#2 statue render

you probably can't tell, but she's wearing a different corset here. that the skull and her hairstyle have changed are more obvious

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#3 value study

basically an underpainting but it looks pretty slick, doesn't it?

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#4 Nunca Mas

there were a lot of ways to go for this piece, but ultimately deciding to go washed out managed to evoke the best vibe

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What do you think?

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