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How to travel to japan on a budget Part 2

Map application I always use google maps or any other online/offline option to track where I am and how to arrive to my destination. Also,...

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How to travel to Japan on a budget Part 1

Stay at a hostel I know it may sound scary at first but most hostels if not all hostels are super clean and nice. A...

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A stroll in Seoul in the winter

Seoul is a vibrant city located in the North of South Korea and a must destination if you travel to Asia. A few years...

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5 tips on how to learn another language

Learning another language can open a lot of doors but how can we do it without losing ourselves in the process?

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Japan: Crazy things you see in this beautiful country

Japan is a gem of the Orient, it has an amazing society full of fun things to see and experience. If you ever have...

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