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Black & White Friday – Warwick's Pen & ink

So now for New Zealand it is Friday the 20th, and I am facing a 7 hour drive from Auckland to Havelock North.

So posting a pen & ink of my husband’s art work for Black & White Friday. I have another I want to photograph as well and will do that soon.

Im hoping to take some awesome photos on the way that I will be able to share with people on Virily. I really love being able to share beauty of nature and scenery and live stock with others.

When I did art as a child I loved drawing and painting people. I started taking photos because in New Zealand that is not what people want, they only want landscapes and to be honest, they did not attract my interest. So tried to get landscapes which were interesting.

Next thing I know, I began to sell some of my photos. All I am is a point and shoot photographer, but never the less they sold. I honestly did not think I could sell photos. 

However, Warwick was one of the first artist who painted and drew landscapes that I like and he also draws people really well. 

Let’s say, he has a “Spark”. 

My advice, don’t worry if people think you are good or not, do something creative that interests you, just for fun. Don’t be too serious about it or you will lose it. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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