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The 100-Day Challenge

Nearing the end of my challenge for myself, I found that drawing faces of children became more like second nature.  I started seeing the placement more clearly and didn’t struggle as much with eyes and lips.  I also began to feel like I wanted this to be over and was tempted to quit.  I challenged myself to draw one child’s face per day for 100 days and although it didn’t take a huge amount of time out of my day, it was beginning to be a chore I felt I had to do.  Still I wanted to reach the end so I struggled on.   I found photos online and most were in my own archives of children who were neighbors and relatives.  I was a bit worried that I would run out before I came to the end of 100 days.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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    • Thank you. I thought she was rather adorable too. I had to keep fooling her though. If I pointed the camera directly at her she would “pose” but if I pretended to point the camera at her sister but still have her in the frame, she looked more natural. Kids! Gotta love them. Thanks for commenting.

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