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Color Crazy – Black&White quizz about birds:)

This week’s colors in @Kim_Johnson ‘s Color Crazy Challenge are black and white.

When you say “black and white”, I think “Inktober“:) It’s a great challenge for artists. Rules are simple: do one ink drawing every single day of October. Then post it online and hashtag with #inktober. Also there is an official prompt list, that you may follow or you may choose your own topics instead.

I decided to draw birds and follow the official prompt list. Here are some of my works and I want to know, will you identify these birds on my small black-and-white drawings?


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Rules of the Color Crazy challenge

  • Question of

    So, can you guess, what bird is it?

    • Great tit
    • Blue tit
    • Sparrow
  • Question of

    Who is this mysterious creature?

    • Eagle-Owl
    • Barn Owl
    • Eastern Screech Owl
    • Hen Harrier
  • Question of

    Who are these graceful dancers?

    • Manchurian cranes
    • Japanese cranes
    • Red-Crowned cranes
    • All variants are correct
  • Question of

    The lagest bird in the world is…

    • Сassowary
    • Emu
    • Ostrich
  • Question of

    The heaviest member of the diverse Galliformes is…

    • Black grouse
    • Western capercaillie
    • Wild turkey
  • Question of

    Huge, noisy flocks of these birds sometimes form big “clouds” – murmurations – that move and change shape, seemingly without any sort of leader.

    • House sparrows
    • Common starlings
    • Feral pigeons
    • Common raven
  • Question of

    These birds, except when nesting, spend their lives in the air!

    • Swallow
    • Swift
    • Kestrel
  • Question of

    I didn’t know, whom to draw for the prompt “shy”… Finally I chose one of my favorite birds…

    • Waxwing
    • Bird of paradise
    • Blue jay


What do you think?

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Written by Lapka

Graphic #designer and #illustrator


        • Well, I’m not a novice in drawing – i studied at the art school. But then i had a long break – when i had a full time job and hadn’t any time for art… What about ink and liners – i can say that i’m a novice in this technique and it was my first Inktober:) And i did pencil sketches – my works couldn’t turn out good without it:)

  1. I got 5 out of 8 – but the three I got wrong were more a result of my lack of knowledge than any lack of skill on your part, Lapka. Beautiful work and a fun quiz 🙂