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How to Capture Children

It was a chore sometimes to find photos with good lighting for my 100-day challenge of drawing one child’s face per day for 100 days. I got pretty good at capturing some candid shots after a while. I found if the child knew I was pointing a camera at them, they would “pose” usually in a very unflattering or dorky way. But if they didn’t see it coming the photo would be much more natural. I captured children standing in line at the zoo ice-cream stand, playing in the street at a farmer’s market, even at a Hmong New Year celebration in full costume. Some of the shots were easy to get and others were like pulling teeth. One little girl wanted to paste on a fake smile when she saw my camera but when she thought I was pointing it at someone else, I got a very natural and cute face from her.  Who knew that more than the work of drawing one face per day, the main chore would be gathering enough photo material to be able to draw 100 children?

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What do you think?

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    • Sorry, I never think things through. I wouldn’t consider “capturing” anyone with anything more than a camera or paintbrush. I’m mystified at anyone who wants to do children harm. Thanks for commenting and setting me straight.

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