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The stray dog found on the road joined the police squad

London: A stray dog from the British city of Bristol has been recruited for police surveillance. The puppy found two months ago in the British city of Bristol, the rescue center not only provided him excellent care but also received training that the police had taken with him as a surveillance dog.

The center, which was established for wildlife protection, named the dog Raven, who was rescued from the canyon area of Bristol on a complaint of a citizen.

Rescue center officer said that when he brought Raven, his nature was restored two days later. After that he started playing tennis ball and then started participating in other activities. The center staff, upon seeing the dog’s interest, sent him to the Avon police station where he was kept with the detective /surveillance dogs, and there he has revealed hidden abilities.

Police made Raven a part of his squad in January 23 and trained him regularly and within ten days the dog also gave the desired results, after which he was deployed to the post.

Raven, a stray dog found in Bristol, is set to become a Police sniffer dog with Avon and Somerset Police.Raven arrived…

Gepostet von Bristol Animal Rescue Centre am Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019

Raven specializes in solving drug, cash and fire-related incidents. The police officer said that Raven will be given more skills by admitting a school soon and he will then be posted at a customs or border check post by the end of this year.

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