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The love of my life!

This is my dog.  His name is Ollie, and he’s 14 years old.  He’s a Jack Russell Terrier.  I’ve had Ollie ever since he was a puppy.  He was about 2 months old when I got him, and I’ve had him ever since.  Dogs are like your children, aren’t they?  You love them, feed them, walk them and do everything you can for them to ensure they live a long and happy life.

Although he’s 14 now, he is still able to go for walks.  Although he doesn’t go for long walks like he used to.  And of course, he’s slowed down a bit too.  But he’s still able to run around.  His appetite is still good and he eats well.  I know a lot of people will say, it’s just a dog.  But to me, he’s more than that.  I live on my own, so for me he’s good company and a wonderful companion.  I’ve spoken to people in the past who have had Jack Russells, and they’ve all told me they have lived 16, 17 or even 18 years.  So I hope I have got Ollie for a little while longer.  Yes, of course I am dreading the day I lose him.  But he still gets lots of love and am glad he is still a happy and well dog.


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  1. My dog’s name is Splay (6 x 7 years old), and I take her for six walks a day – three in the morning, and three in the afternoon. Fortunately, we live next to a large piece of bush-covered open ground on the banks of the Berg River, so it’s wonderful to take her out. As a freelance editor and indexer, it’s great to be able to take so many breaks in a day. She’s not “just a dog” – she’s a deeply spiritual being.


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