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Seagulls Everywhere (part 2)

I told you that I’m obsessed with taking photos of seagulls and here’s another proof.

Here are a few photos I took last week in Pomorie – a town at the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria.

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone. I tried to capture some fun and interesting moments.

Seagulls are very fun to watch. They seem quite territorial, but they are okay with people getting close to them. However, they can steal your snack if you are not careful.

I took advantage of the people who feed the birds by the sea.

They can get too noisy though. But I forgive them because they are cute and they are wonderful photo models.

What’s your favorite kind of bird?


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    • Capturing an egret standing on a carabao sounds amazing, I hope you will be able to do it soon! Having a cood camera definitely helps, but I use my phone. I think capturing a moment is more important than the quality of the photo. 🙂

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