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Bird Life at Western Springs

Went not long ago to Western Springs, hoping to catch a glimpse of Spring in Western Springs and got some good photos of the local birds. There is a huge variety of birds and didn’t quite get the time to take as many pictures as I wanted to but here are some photos.

All sorts of people visit this park. Hardest part is finding parking as it’s a popular place to visit. You need to pick the time you go and have a lot of patience. The park is huge and there is a large area of possible parks. On some days, the parking is near impossible to find.

#1 Swan in a rush

This was a day that was a while ago. A few Oriental tourists tormented a Swan in front of its partner and cygnets, the Swan went for him and got him on the bottom of his shoe. 

The Swan realised this man was a stupid idiot and this man could have lost his arm or leg. A Swan is capable of removing a human limb. I looked at the poor Swan later, and it was very angry. Im not at all surprised. 

While I was watching this, a care taker of the park showed me a Duck nesting in a tree. This will not be revealed here, but the Duck was very worried when I saw her. So left her to care for the eggs.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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