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Our first paying customers!

We opened our new dog grooming shop on Saturday last week. We now have been open a full week. 

I made a previous post about the first few dogs and made a new hashtag #doggrooming if you would like to check it out. 

#1 Our first dog was a Maltipoo.

She needed a bath and groom. Her mom opted for the mini groom, which is a bath, with the face, feet and fanny clipped. She loved her long hair, and so did I. She had some matting but not enough to have to shave her down. She was such a good girl. 

#2 My son bathed her

and Meika came over to tell her it was okay. 

#3 After her groom

She felt so much better. She was a happy girl, and her mom was happy she took this picture. 

#4 My first time at the groomers!

It got too busy to take before shots. But we got these two puppies in that were 3 months old. They are chihuahua and poodle mixed pups. They did fantastic, we just took our time in the whole process and got them used to everything. The fluffier one had long hair, and the other had hair about a half of an inch long. The customer wanted the long hair one at 1/2 an inch, and the shorter haired one shaved. I used the longest blade so he wouldn't feel completely nude. 

#6 We feel good!

The pups just doing what pups do.. 

#8 The lion?!

This was our last dog of the first day. This is a 17 year old Pomeranian. The owner wanted her in a lion clip with the tail flagged and not in a lion tip. She is patently waiting for her pet parents to arrive. 

She was also very good and very used to the whole grooming process. 

We had a great soft opening. So, if you've wondered what I have been up to lately this is it. I am working 6 days a week until we get a clientele built up or until I get tired. lol Be patient with me I will catch up on all the posts soon! 


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