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We opened, meet our first clients!

We opened our new dog grooming shop on Saturday last week. We now have been open a full week. 

We haven’t done a grand opening yet, it is due next month. For a soft opening it went better than imagined. It was a great week. 

The first dogs we groomed were of course the guinea pigs, my mom’s dog Penny shown first, and my dog Meika the white wolfdog. 

#1 Art…

Penny has been getting groomed by me since she was 3 months old. She does't need the red restraint, she will stay on the table. 

#2 Penny’s before shot

The best thing when it comes to keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy is to groom him on a regular basis. For some this means nothing more than a brushing once a week and a bath every month, while some the process is a bit more complicated, like Penny's fur. 

She has a wire terrier feeling coat, the hairs are hallow and as they get older this hair can either be shaved, or hand stripped. 

Some specialists claim you should never shave a hollow haired coat but must use the hand stripping method to remove excess hair that is falling out. By shaving the coat with clippers you only remove the top layer of dead fur rather than removing it from the roots. As a result the coats start to look duller in texture and color. 

Penny has never been shaved. Hand stripping also does not hurt the dog, the hairs are ready to come out. 

See the pumice stone in front of her right leg? This is what I use to help me grip the hair to be removed.

Sorry that was so lengthy lol Get me talking about grooming or pets and I have a lot to say. 

#3 One more before shot

She starts to have what I call grinch feet. I do have to trim her face, feet and fanny with scissors about once a month. I also use clippers for her belly and in between her foot pads. She gets hand stripped twice a year. 

#4 After

Grinch feet gone. 

#5 After

She refuses to look at me. Yes, she is camera shy! 

#6 I can see!!

There I got her to look at me. lol. 

#7 Next specimen..

Is Meika! She needed a bath. 

#8 Blow drying.. the nervous look.

She doesn't like the blow dryer, but it is necessary to get out all that under coat. She sheds sooooo much! 

#9 Meika

After her ordeal. If there is an open kennel around she goes in. It makes her feel safe, like a den. 

#10 Sign twirling

After a short rest, she went out on the street corner. This is my son holding the sign. It worked, we got busy. 

Now for our paying clients. lol. Stay tuned for more..

Have a great day! 

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