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My Black Panther

Say hello to Lenny. He is my 2 year old black panther. He is the most loving kitty! He is so vocal. He has conversations with my fiancé all the time. Richard will come home from work and ask Lenny how his day was and Lenny will meow. And the conversation goes on from there. It must be a male thing because the only time Lenny talks to me is when he wants food. Lenny loves to sleep with us in our bed and on my feather pillow. His purring puts me to sleep. Lenny is a big boy at 20 pounds. He loves to sit like a human on the couch and he also loves to lie on his back with his legs spread eagle. It’s so hilarious!! Lenny also LOVES water. He constantly stands in the dogs water bowl and splashes water all over the place. Many times I’ll wake up in the morning, not seeing that there’s water all over the floor, and go sliding across the kitchen. I just know that one day I’m going to end up on my but!! But how can I be mad at my little panther?


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Written by Jennifer Falbo


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