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Why Do Some Dogs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

If your dogs sleep with their eyes opened, it is nothing to worry about; they are just being dogs. Not all dogs sleep with their eyes opened. But, if you are a dog owner and notice that your dog sleeps with their open it can be very worrisome if you don’t know that it is natural for them to do so.

Why do some dogs sleep with their eyes opened? There are many reasons why your dog may sleep with its eyes open. If you have an older dog that was adopted the dog may have fear or abandonment issues and that is why they sleep with their eyes opened.

Dogs never really go into a full sleep state, this is because they are animals. They are always on alert for predators or food. It is just a dog’s natural instinct. So, some dogs will sleep with their eye opened because of this instinct.


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  1. LOL! I’m reading this post watching my dog sleeping and she has her eyes open! She always sleeps with atleast one eye open. I knew they slept with their eyes open to guard their families but I didn’t know about the abandonment issues so you learned me something.

  2. Your writing confirms my allegations so far. I myself do not keep dogs, but a cat, but all my brothers and sisters have many dogs. This article also reminds me of a story I read as a teenager, about a queen, whom I forgot her name and country, who always slept with eyes open for fear of being killed.

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