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Monkey Forest Sanctuary

If Ubud is my favourite place in Indonesia, the Monkey Forest Sanctuary is my favourite spot in Ubud. For a 5$ entrance fee, you can watch free roaming monkeys doing their thing. There are 5 things to remember though.

First, do not look and stare a monkey in the eye. Because in the primate world it is a sign of challenge or aggression.

Second, don’t mess with the baby monkeys. They can touch you but don’t touch them. They may look harmless but mother monkeys can actually be quite protective of their youngs. Plus baby monkeys can be unpredictable. They can be cute one minute and hostile the next.

Third, do not give them human snack. If you want a monkey selfie, you can buy bananas or sweet potatoes from some vendors inside the sanctuary. Keep it as natural for them as possible. Also some human snacks can be bad for the monkeys’ teeth.

Fourth, do not not bring any kind of plastic bags or paper bags. This is to keep the forest free of litter.   

Lastly, beware and mindful of your belongings. Keep scarf in your bag and hold on to your phones. Monkeys can be naughty and snatch it away if you’re not careful.


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