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What’s Good in Ubud

A lot of places in Indonesia has become very touristy to a point where prices have gone up considerably. But in Ubud prices remains low compared to places like Kuta or Gili. That’s why it was my favourite place in Indonesia by far.

1. Accommodation is really cheap and very traditional. It is a typical Ubud thing to see fancy decorated doors for even a cheap accommodation of 10$ to 12$ for 2 people a night. Sometimes it even includes breakfast!

2. The Monkey Forest Sanctuary. I’ve never seen so much free roaming cute monkeys in my life! One must be careful of their belonging though, as these cute things are a master of thievery. If you have a piece of banana, you may even get a monkey selfie. You can even get it without the banana sometimes.

3. Cheap food. Yes Ubud has a lot of cheap quality food. Indonesia is already cheap if you’re earning dollars but Ubud is definitely another level of cheap. If you’re patient enough to drive a little bit away from the commercialised area, you can find good food in a fancy looking place for a very affordable amount.

4. The rice terraces is a sight to behold. Although sometimes you might feel rip-offed by mandatory checkpoint-like donation spots for every climb you do. It’s still worth a visit.


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