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My Mini Panther aka The Dude!

I recently wrote about one of my two cats I rescued, Brendel. Now I thought I would share my other rescue with you. Introducing The Dude.

I have never owned a black cat before. They have a lot of stigmatism associated with them. Some say they are bad luck, etc. etc. Well I am hear to tell you don’t listen to any of that. Having the Dude is like owning a mini-panther. His cat is so shiny and soft. And he is like a big teddy bear. He loves sleeping under the covers! He is a clown! Full of personality.

When I rescued the Dude he was on death row, as I have mentioned previously. Black cats are the least adoptable. This is the main reason I chose him. I always go for the underdog. He is very vocal, talks to the birds and to me all the time. He even snores. Too funny. Very entertaining cat. Cannot imagine not having him. He is the best, well he and Brendel both are the best. They are both happy cats. I just wanted to get the word out to anyone looking to adopt a cat, don’t forget about the black ones. Hello from the Dude…


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Written by Carol DM


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