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Dude and Bird ~ Photos Chain Challenge

Trying to keep the chain from being broken in Ileana’s Photo Chain challenge. 

Ellie posted this very cool scene in her recent post:  Dancing In The “Rain”.

I chose animals (bird & cat) as my element to write about.

Many bird and cat photos to choose from. I decided on the baby bird and Dude for today.

Was watching this baby robin last year as he just flew out of the nest in my backyard. Up on the deck he flew. The Dude was in the screen room. He saw him as he landed. They looked and talked back and forth with each other.

I was at the patio doors taking the photo, very cool to watch.

Photo ยฉCarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. This made me say, “AWE Dude!” outl oud. Dogs raised their ears.. lol Love it. I have done a few of these, the chains are spreading. Now it’s time to join this chain. I mean, you have my favorite things in here. Let’s see…… I could pick cats, birds, animals in general, patios, green grass, landscaping, bright sunny spring days, faces, expressions, shadows, leading lines…. Okay, narrowed it down to cats or birds. You’ve all seen so many pictures of the cats. Why not pick birds. I choose birds. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Now, I need to go look at Ellie’s post! I know it has to be good. I love her posts.

    • Thanks Ellie, it was so fun to watch this unfold. They were so close and the baby bird had just flown from the nest for the first time, and the Dude is the first thing he sees. Would love to know what he was thinking, both of them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cute photo. Runt, my cat, is an outdoor and indoor cat so The Dude would be very jealous if he knew that. Do not tell him about Runt… Runt, at the present is a happy camper as the snow is melting quickly and the temperature is mostly in low to mid teens centigrade. He just loves basking in the sunshine. Again do not make The Dude more jealous but say hi to him from me….


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