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Lets be bugGED ^^

I love bugs, its 1 of mother nature best inventions. They clean up, are food or transporters. All of the bugs are from Austin, Texas US.

Dragonflies are predators found near water.

I think this is a Harvestman  but I’m not 100%, if anyone knows, please let me know.

This is a stinkbug, they can get as big as a human thumbnail. Their smell is to get away from predators.

This pretty one is a Giant swallow tail, have the nickname ‘orangedog’ 🙂

Just so you can see the sizzzze of it wooHoooo

Let me present the Black and yellow garden spider, ain’t she pretty???? Yes it is a female as she is so big. One fun fact with this one is, the pattern on their legs are actually different like fingerprints. The web was huge, almost a arm full in size. Hope you liked it as much as I did sharing them with you all.


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Written by Karin Dahlén


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  1. I hate bugs! Especially the flying one… yuk!
    The only time I would get close is when I have my camera with me. They always look good on photos.

    Love that last spider though. Looks like has long black socksies on 🙂

    • Im from sweden and here ours arnt as comon & wayyyy smaller. My friend tried telling me info about it BUT all i could think was >OMG its huge, oh kill me now, god dang that webb 😉 LOL i did actually do look into facts about it when i got back home, its way helpfull for your garden. Thanks for the info Carol. Aw you like butterflutters? nice, happy to hear & thanks for dropping by

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