Insecticides are Poisonous to Human Beings


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Many people are under the impression that insecticides kill insects only and are harmless to human beings. But in reality insecticides affects all the living organisms. Apart from fields and gardens, we use insecticides like mosquito repellent, cockroach repellent and rat poison at home also.

The World Organization has warned about the effects of these insecticides. It is said that every year two lakh people are dying because of the effects of insecticides. It has also said that daily 68,000 people (annually 2.5crore) people are affected by insecticides.

As per the conclusions of many researches, it has been proved that Indians have the maximum amount of ‘organo chlorine’ type insecticides in their bodies. Insecticides are said to intrude the fatty tissues of living organisms. We can see the left over’s of this in air, water and soil.

Not only human beings but even birds, fish, insects that are helpful for agriculture and bees also fall prey to insecticides. However careful we may be, beyond our control and without our knowledge, its effect is taking place in our body. Already insects’ killers are present in more than required measure in water, food, milk and meat.

We cannot see the effects of insecticides with our eyes. So, how can you help yourself? It will be better if we stop using mosquito repellents and insect repellents at home. And if we keep our house clean, airy and ventilated, many insects will not enter our house. And the best way to get out of the effects of insecticides is to turn to Mother Nature.


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