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I had to call Sea World Rescue!


The tourists and people like myself love them. I love seeing them on the rocks, beaches and on the marina slips like the ones below. Wild animals, nothing like them right?

Well for fisherman they are a problem, getting caught in fishing line and fishing nets. Often stealing a fish right off your line. They bask in the sun of the boat slips and become aggressive if approached. Boats sometimes have problems docking.

I can see both points of view. But is it not us that are invading their territory? We should all learn to live with the wildlife if we are going to live in their backyards.

I was walking Meika one day in Oceanside Harbor and noticed this group of seals. I zoomed in with my camera an noticed, they needed rescued.

I called Sea World and they sent someone out to help them. They had problems, when they approached, the seals would jump into the water. The finally rounded them all up and cut the line around the young pups neck. Kudos Sea World. All three were tied up together with the lines around their necks.

Rescue successful.

I snapped these while we waited.

Last one.


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