Wander project Mexico, again!

Still down Mexico way. Every evening and most of the mornings we walked along the beach. There was a long stretch of beach just in front of the hotel that looked out of the Bay that the hotel was on. Plus you could look out over the vast expanse that is the Pacific Ocean. One of the coolest parts of the resort was the beach. There are many pictures of us playing in or near the ocean. I think if my wife had her way, which every vacation would start and end with a beach.

They also had a great pool as mentioned yesterday. Plus on the premise, there were several good restaurants. We were there for six nights and tried a different restaurant each night. The favorite kid’s restaurant was the Japanese steak house. In part, they love the experience, in part because the waiter gave each of them Origami animals. The kids took those home and had the creations in their bedrooms for at least a couple of years after the vacation.

The hotel’s rooms were very nice, and the hotel team was helpful! We spent the first day relaxing and shaking off the jet lag (we did cross two time zones on our way). That first day was spent mostly on the beach (Jakki got her hair braided) and the pool. We had lunch in the pool side restaurant, that was a great place to sit and enjoy. The breeze off the Pacific ocean was relaxing. For parents sitting by the pool watching their children play, they also delivered Corna’s to your pool chair!


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