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Bluebird Blog 2018 ~ Baby Update

The last blog post talked about the bluebird egg watch starting today, Thursday. You can find it here Egg Watch Begins. Today marks day twelve since the bluebird eggs were laid. Many of you have wondered if the babies would hatch today. The usual day is day 12-14. Of course we never know with nature what will occur. Here is what has happened so far as of 6pm on day twelve.

Photos ©CarolDM2018

Yes! We have four babies. One more to go. It is not unusual for the last (runt) egg to hatch one or two days after the others. Sometimes the egg is not a good egg. But fingers crossed it is a good egg and we hope to have another baby to make a total of five. It has been an exciting day in the bluebird house and at my house today. I did not catch the actual hatching of the eggs. I have done that in the past. You have to be right on the mark to get that done. But nevertheless I welcome and share with you four of the newborn bluebird babies. 

And nobody make any remarks about how they look at this stage. Seriously they have been called shrimp at this stage, and it is true they have just been born. This is a crucial time as they are vulnerable. But the parents are taking turns seeing about them. They are never far away. More photos to come soon.

It is always so cool to see these babies and as soon as they hear the door open, their mouths open, ready to eat. Stay tuned.

Bluebirds not only accept the help of humans, they absolutely need it.
– Steve Grooms and Dick Peterson


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