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Bluebird Blog 2018 ~ Update

I did not want to give away the surprise with the cover photo. However, I took the cover photo earlier today. Both the male and female are in my poplar tree. Can you see them? The male is on the lower branch and the female above him hiding behind the leaf.

Guess what? We have FIVE eggs! Count them, there are five eggs in the nest today. I was wrong. I called it at four, but I am glad I was wrong. If they all survive and stay safe we will have five babies in a few weeks. Of course there is tomorrow, but it is not likely there will be six eggs. Now that I have said that, we all have to stay tuned for tomorrow to see for sure. Yes I am just a little excited!

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Bluebird fact of the day: Bluebirds are unique to North America. Despite the reference to England in Nat Burton’s song, bluebirds are only found on our continent.

Bluebirds not only accept the help of humans, they absolutely need it.
– Steve Grooms and Dick Peterson


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  1. Isn’t nature an amazing thing? I mean, it is so cool that those birds can live as they do amongst us humans. The images are cool. Sorry if I seem somewhat sporadic. I am just getting back being online after a long while. I think I am rusty. LOL.


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