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Alphabet Challenge : Quokkas

Many people are not familiar with this animal because they are found in one place in the world,  Australia. They are mostly located in Rottnest and Bald islands. 

Quokkas belong in the kangaroo family.  You can as well call them small kangaroos. They are 16-21 inches long and weigh 2.5-5.0kg.  The length of their tail is 9.8-11.8 inches. 

They are not well-known worldwide since they are located in Australia only,  that is,  Rottnest and Bald islands. 

A quokka has a stocky build, a rounded ear, short-broad head, narrow face, big nose, tiny paws, and their tails are short and skinny. 

The female gestation period is one month. A female gives birth to a single baby known as joey. The females usually give birth to two joeys per year. In their life span, the females give birth to an average of 17 joeys. 

The joey lives in its mother’s pouch for six months. It is usually weaned at the age of eight months. 

Quokkas are regarded as the happiest animals in the world due to their smiling faces. They are one of the fewer animals that have an always-smiling facial expression. They are also referred to as one of the most cheerful animals in the world. 

They love climbing trees and can climb as high as 4-6 feet. They are friendly. However,  they are wild animals. Thus, they can bring into action their wild instincts. They can bite and kick you with their hind legs. 

When pursued by a predator,  a female kangaroo will throw its baby and run for its dear life. The baby might attract the attention of the predator when it calls out at its mother. 


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