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A Source of Excitement ~ 365 Photos Challenge #237

Like most of you, I’m also a pet lover. My two cats, Popeye and Susie are those I often miss besides my wife and two beloved daughters of course if I need to go for a few days.

Unfortunately, since two months ago Popeye has disappeared. Popeye, who was happier staying on the front porch, had suddenly left and disappeared, never returning home. Really, I and my family feel lost to him. We still often think about what happened to him.

This afternoon, Susie was sleeping when I came home. She was very sound asleep on a bookcase in my working room. Her cute face is very adorable when she sleeps. But she rushes up when I call her name. Wriggle for a moment and then sit down.

Like everyone who loves their pet, we all know that they are our friends or family who are at the same time a source of excitement and relief from exhaustion. In the last two weeks, there have been other cats who often come and sleep on the front porch. Looks like this little male cat wants to replace Popeye in our family.

What do you think?

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  1. I cannot describe in words what I feel towards my dear cats. In childhood we had a Siamese cat, he was very playful and frienly. When I grew older I also had a she-cat, that died, she could produce different meow and loved my home singing :))). Now I have a cat that is small-sized and white with several lovely grey spots, she is so cute and means a lot to me too.

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