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A Well Said Proverb Is Like Honey To The Mouth And Love To The Heart

The heart always grows fonder whenever sweet words are spoken into it. The ear will never be tired to hear and neither the eye to see. Sweetness of words is usually in the way they are said. A nice proverb mends what a foul mouth has damaged.

Our world needs to hear repeated interesting proverbs. It is only with such that the language grows richer. Woe to the present generation who abhor wisdom. Wisdom comes with continual use of proverbs.

Outlined is a quiz full of wisdom. It is a quiz of proverbs. What more do you actually need? What is that that the heart frequently yearns for. Proverbs here we come.

  • Question of

    A…..always turns up.

    • Good deed
    • Bird in the hand
    • Bad penny
    • Good penny
  • Question of

    A person is known…..

    • By his good works
    • By his character
    • By the family he brings up
    • By the company he keeps
  • Question of

    A……is a dangerous thing

    • A snake
    • Quarrelsome woman
    • Little knowledge
    • Wild animal
  • Question of

    A miss is as good as….

    • A mile
    • A smile
    • A file
    • Bile
  • Question of

    A man who is his own lawyer has a ….for his client.

    • Tool
    • Mule
    • Friend
    • Fool
  • Question of

    A soft answer….

    • Is the slice of life
    • Cools a hungry person
    • Turns away wrath
    • Turns away mirth
  • Question of

    …… joy forever

    • A good wife
    • A thing of beauty
    • A thing so precious
    • A marriage partner
  • Question of

    ……is the soul of wits

    • Brevity
    • Love
    • Hate
    • Cteativity


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