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How well do you know human anatomy?

Human body is composed of flesh, bones, nerves and blood. All body parts are interconnected and if one of them is not working properly, then it comes to disorder inside this perfectly created unity. The human body is held upright by the skeleton.

The skeleton consists of 211 bones which are interconnected by joints. Main parts of the body are: head, body and limbs (legs and arms).

In this quiz I will test your knowledge on human anatomy. How well do you know Latin words for each body part. Let’s see!

  • Bracchium is?

    • Hand
    • Lungs
  • Talus is?

    • Knee
    • Heel
  • Pulmonis is?

    • Lungs
    • Brain
  • Humerus is ?

    • Shoulder
    • Palm
  • Collum is?

    • Bowels
    • Neck
  • Orbicularis oris is?

    • Eye
    • Facial muscle
  • Viscera are?

    • Intestines
    • Kidneys
  • Cor is?

    • Heart
    • Brain
  • Ren is?

    • Liver
    • Kidney
  • Auris is?

    • Ear
    • Nose
  • Oculus is?

    • Eye
    • Lip

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