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Random Personality Quiz: Are you a dog or cat person?

Yes, it’s another one of my random personality test that have close to zero accuracy! LOL

Well, I’m obviously too lazy to do research so, yeah, this is just for fun and have no basis or logic or whatever so!

Just relax, pick the option you prefers and then enjoy the quiz!

  • Question of

    Your neighbour’s letter got delivered to your mailbox by mistake …

    • Call them to come and collect
    • Deliver to them
    • Tape it at some common area
    • Dump it
  • Question of

    There is a 4 days holiday…

    • YEAY! Book hotels, check routes for hiking, call sport mates, Let’s go outdoor!
    • Shop for snacks and grocery, get tools for my favourite hobby, spent it at home doing what I like
    • Well, if my partner is going …
    • It depends on my mood …
  • Question of

    Your boyfriend has been blowing hot and cold. Recently, he doesn’t even bother replying your text.

    • Keep texting! He’ll reply!
    • Dump him!
    • Maybe the llama took his phone!
    • Do you think I’ll ever text someone?
  • Question of


    • Yes
    • d
  • Question of

    The person beside you is having problem with his pen… (say no ink)

    • Lend him a spare
    • If he can’t handle a pen, he is not worthy of help …
    • Oh, you can have mine, we can share!
    • Pen? Just use your BLOOD!!
  • Question of

    You’re being chased by your enemy, you crossed a bridge…

    • Chop the bridge so they can’t come over
    • Chop it when they’re halfway through so they fall to their death
  • Question of

    Last one …

    • NO MORE?
    • YEAY!
  • Question of


    • The camera should be placed 3cm more to the right and then 10 degree higher…
    • It’s great effort!
    • Hey, I thought the previous one is the last question!?
    • Oh, a surprise question!!


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Written by alibb

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