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Occupations: a quiz

Some jobs that people do, or did in past times, have interesting and unusual names. Can you work out who does (or did) what?

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    What does a lapidary work with?

    • Precious stones
    • Rare metals
    • Trees
    • Radioactive substances
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    What does a milliner make?

    • Shoes
    • Gloves
    • Hats
    • Coats
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    What would a hagiologist write about?

    • Witches
    • Saints
    • Devils
    • Diseases
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    In past times, what did a linkboy do?

    • Gave people directions
    • Swept the road clear for people to cross
    • Introduced customers to shopkeepers
    • Carried a torch for pedestrians at night
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    What was once sold by a colporteur?

    • Coal
    • Bibles
    • Cabbages
    • Cauliflowers
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    The word navvy was originally used to describe workers on which structures?

    • Canals
    • Railways
    • Roads
    • Bridges
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    What was a bluejacket?

    • A soldier
    • A sailor
    • A tailor
    • A factory worker
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    An oncologist works in which branch of medicine?

    • Bone surgery
    • Brain surgery
    • Childhood diseases
    • Cancer
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    A farrier works mainly with which animals?

    • Horses
    • Sheep
    • Dogs
    • Cats
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    What does a lithologist study?

    • Early printed documents
    • Rocks
    • Languages
    • Butterflies


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