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How much do you know about the book of Genesis?

Noah Building the Ark (Gen 6)

The book of Genesis is the first book in the Bible but it is most likely not the first one written. (That honor probably goes to Job.) It describes the creation of the universe up to about 1800 BC give or take a little.

More importantly it tells us how sin entered the world and gives us the first promise from God that He will take care of the problem.

Below are some questions to see how much you know about Genesis.

  • Question of

    Genesis was written by

    • Moses
    • Abraham
    • Joseph
    • Joshua
  • Question of

    Gen 11 gives the account of the Tower of Babel. What kind of structure was the tower?

    • Pyramid
    • Sphinx
    • Ziggurat
    • a stone hendge
  • Question of

    Which man did not die but was taken bodily into Heaven?

    • Abraham
    • Enoch
    • Isaac
    • Joseph
  • Question of

    Accounts very similar to the account of Noah’s flood are found all over the world including native American cultures.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Which of the following is not one of the Ten Tribes of Israel?

    • Levi
    • Benjamin
    • Reuben
    • Isaac
  • Question of

    After Cain killed Abel, Adam and Eve had another son. What was his name?

    • Noah
    • Seth
    • Lamech
    • Jubal
  • Question of

    How long did Methuselah live?

    • 912
    • 943
    • 969
    • 983
  • Question of

    What language was Genesis written in?

    • Hebrew
    • Greek
    • Latin
    • Akkadian
  • Question of

    About when was Genesis written?

    • 1700-1600 BC
    • 1600-1500 BC
    • 1500-1400 BC
    • 1400-1300 BC
  • Question of

    Genesis is considered part of the Pentateuch. Which of these books of the Bible are NOT part of the Pentateuch?

    • Exodus
    • Numbers
    • Deuteronomy
    • Joshua


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Written by Gary J Sibio

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  1. I scored 9/10 – I wasn’t sure about the probable date of composition. However – given this date – the idea that the book was written by Moses is a little far-fetched. For one thing, the text is clearly the work of several different hands, and for another the existence of someone called Moses is open to doubt – there is no document that mentions Moses other than the Old Testament and other books derived from it.


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