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Comments on the Writings of Jonathan Cahn – Part 1

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Recently Andre Hartslief shared an article entitled Аmаzіng Rеvеlаtіоn оf Рrеsіdеnt Тrumр іn thе Віblе!. I’d like to share two articles that I originally wrote for Bubblews about the first book written by Jonathan Cahn, the author of the book from which Andre took his information. In no way is this a comment on Andre. My problem is with Jonathan Cahn.

I am not saying that Cahn is some kind of scam artist. I believe that he truly believes what he is writing. It is my intention to point out flaws in his views.

I originally intended to post both articles together but Virily won’t allow it.


In the spring of 2013 I read a book entitled “The Harbinger” written by Jonathan Cahn. The book has been very profitable in some Christian circles and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was very disappointed.

The book is a novel which tells the story of a writer who receives a series of cryptic objects which point to the attack American underwent on 9/11 as the first in a series of judgments of God. The writer gets these objects from a mysterious stranger who pops up from time to time. He is telling his story to an editor who is not in the least bit skeptical of his tale.

Here are my thoughts on the book:

  • Why did Cahn present his ideas as a novel? Could it be that he’s shielding himself from criticism if what he claims fails to come to pass? He can always claim that his book was only a novel, not a prophecy.
  • While it is possible that God did address the future of America in Scripture, how likely is it? God seems to focus on His chosen, the Jews and the Church. What He says in the Bible is relevant to America but prophesying its future is much different. I’ve heard other “prophecy teachers” try to work America into their scenarios and it is always forced.
  • God does talk about Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome in prophecy but only in relation to Israel.
  • Cahn believes there is something special, something God-ordained about America. This is a common belief but it springs from pride, not God’s revelation.
  • Our Founding  Fathers were not particularly Christian men. Thomas Jefferson was a deist who owned slaves and fathered a multitude of children by them. He edited the Bible believing there were portions that did not belong there. Benjamin Franklin was a lecherous man.
  • At its start America allowed the cruelest form of slavery. The only people allowed to vote were male property owners. Immigrants from other countries were poorly treated, especially if they were Catholic. The KKK, calling themselves Christian, tortured and killed many blacks, Jews and Catholics in the century following our Civil War.
  • A lot of countries have come and gone since the time of the Bible. America is just another.
  • Cahn refers to the first harbinger as the breach and says it was the 9/11 attacks. We were attacked on our own soil. (He draws a comparison to Israel being invaded in 732 BC.) Of course this statement was made after the attack. It also ignores history. That was not the first time we were attacked on our own soil. That happened at the War of 1812 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • In order to make the connection between the Assyrians and modern-day terrorists, Cahn points out the relationship between Akkadian, the language of Assyria, and Arabic. Both are Semitic languages, but so is Hebrew, which he doesn’t mention. Akkadian came from Eastern Semitic while both Arabic and Hebrew came from Central Semitic so Hebrew is more closely related to Arabic than Akkadian is.

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Written by Gary J Sibio


  1. Hello Gary, Your article is clearly not intended to offend me, and no offense taken, thank you. Thanks for your extensive presentation above. Your views concerning the morals and ethics of the American founding fathers whom you discuss, I will not judge, lest that judgment shall become a swift witness against me. I will not attempt to discuss the merits for or against the man Rabbi Jonathan Cahn but will in closing mention, that neither of the venerable Biblical figures could in any way be comparable to Jesus, as they too were mere men, as the record shows. Even the Christ, in his stature, as the son of God, did he not admonish God for deserting Him in his hour of need? Knowing full well that God was incapable of deserting Him Was He not later tempted by Satan for 40 days and nights?

    Prior to his ascension into heaven, did he not first descend into Hell for whatever purpose?

    You see, Gary, I truly believe Jesus was the most perfect being ever created but fortunately in His infinite wisdom, God allowed a few blemishes, just so those sinful founding Fathers, Rabbi Cahn, you and possibly even I, may have a chance of entering into his saintly everlasting rest with a few imperfections. Thank you again for a great post, regards, Andre’