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Comments on the Writings of Jonathan Cahn – Part 2

St. Paul’s Chapel courtesy of Wikipedia

‘The Harbinger’ Author Updates His Warning

Jonathan Cahn is a messianic Jewish Rabbi and author of the book The Harbinger in which the USA and the events of 9/11 are compared with Old Testament prophecies about Israel. I posted my thoughts about this book (I didn’t find it convincing) at

After the 9/11 attack an evergreen tree was planted by St. Paul’s Chapel to replace the sycamore tree that was there. Cahn refers to the evergreen as the erez tree, and believes it is the fulfillment of an Old Testament prophecy (Is 9:10). In his book the tree was the seventh of nine harbingers (warnings or omens) of God’s judgment which is to be poured out on America. It is worth noting that The Harbinger, according to Cahn, is a work of fiction.

According to a recent announcement by Cahn, the tree died and was removed and destroyed. Cahn also claims that the tree will not be replaced because of his book. The only sales count I could find placed sales at just over a million copies as of February 2013 so you can draw your own conclusions about how influential his book is.

Cahn says that the tree’s removal is an indication that America is even closer to experiencing God’s judgment.


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Written by Gary J Sibio


    • I definitely believe that judgment is coming. I think it was Billy Graham’s wife who said that if God doesn’t judge America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  1. This is an insightful piece about the author, Jonathan Cahn, thank you, Gary, for posting it. Just as many people seem to regard the American flag as the ultimate harbinger of a great new era, possibly, so also, might Rabbi, Cahn have felt it his moral duty to share his perceived gravity on the subject at the time.

    • I’m not in a position to be judging Cahn and I hope nothing I’ve written gives the impression that I think I am. I hope he is sincere in his writings but sincerity is no guarantee of accuracy. I was greatly disappointed when I read The Harbinger.