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What do you know about meaning of English food idioms?

English idioms are very common and popular in English language. Many people use them in every day speech and I want to know your knowledge about their meanings. Many idiomatic expressions, in their original use, were not figurative but had literal meaning. Today I am going to ask you about food English idioms.

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    Don’t cry over spilled milk means

    • Don’t cry for something that you can’t change
    • Don’t cry for your ex love
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    As cool as a cucumber means

    • very stupid
    • very calm
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    To butter up someone means

    • to flatter someone
    • to criticize someone
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    Piece of cake means

    • something is very difficult
    • something is very easy
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    Big cheese means

    • the most important person
    • the smartest person
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    To be a bad egg means

    • to behave violently
    • to behave in a bad or dishonest way
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    If someone is smart cookie he is

    • very intelligent
    • very popular
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    If someone brings home the bacon it means

    • He is black ship in the family
    • He brings money for the family


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