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Islands: a quiz

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of islands: large and small, important or otherwise!

  • Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands, in the property of whom?

    • The Duke of Westminster
    • Richard Branson
    • Rupert Murdoch
    • Donald Trump
  • Which island, famous for its giant carved heads, is also known as Rapa Nui?

    • Christmas Island
    • Ascension Isoland
    • Easter Island
    • Valentine Island
  • Which island in the Pacific Ocean is inhabited today by descendants of the mutineers on HMS Bounty?

    • Pitcairn
    • Laysan
    • Fiji
    • Palmyra
  • The island nation of Taiwan was formerly known as what?

    • Hong Kong
    • Formosa
    • Laputa
    • Macau
  • On which of the Hawaiian islands is Honolulu?

    • Maui
    • Hawaii
    • Kauai
    • Oahu
  • Greenland and Iceland are separated by which strait?

    • Iceland Strait
    • Greenland Strait
    • Denmark Strait
    • Norway Strait
  • Which of these islands is also an English county?

    • Isle of Wight
    • Isle of Sheppey
    • Isle of Man
    • Isle of Purbeck
  • The island of Mauritius was home to which now-extinct bird?

    • Elephant bird
    • Laughing owl
    • Pasenger pigeon
    • Dodo
  • Which is the third largest island of New Zealand?

    • Campbell Island
    • Stewart Island
    • Auckland Island
    • Chatham Island
  • On which Mediterranean island is the volcano Mount Etna?

    • Sardinia
    • Crete
    • Sicily
    • Cyprus

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